Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rocky Road Candy

Another recipe from my ward. This sounds like it isn't too hard to make.

16 oz semi sweet chocolate chips

* 3 cups large or small marshmallows

* ¾ cup pecans (or other nuts of your choice). I prefer them whole.

Roast the pecans in the microwave:

Put 2 big fistfuls of pecans on a dinner plate, in approximately 1 layer. Cook on high for 3 minutes. (If you smell burning, take them out sooner than 3 minutes, depending on how hot your microwave cooks.) When they cool they’ll be crisp & delicious. Use the remainder for other recipes or snacking. You can cook whole almonds this way too; they start to pop & crack near the end of the cooking time.

In a medium sized saucepan heat the chocolate chips over LOW heat, stirring often, until smooth. Remove pan from heat & stir in marshmallows & ¾ cups whole pecans.

Scoop out onto a sheet of parchment paper. No need to butter it. You can use foil instead but it needs a little butter. You won’t have to spread the candy much as it will ooze out. Press more nuts into the top of it if you want it more nutty.

Let it cool a few hours; it’s amazing long it stays soft. It’s harder to cut unless it’s really cool. When cool, cut into 1” squares & enjoy.

This is a fun one to fiddle around with; you can add dried fruit or candied orange peel.

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