Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Mom - Happy Mother's Day. Thank you for all you do for us. You have always been such an amazing mom. So in honor of Mother's day - write a memory of Mary in the comments.


squick said...

I remember I would always go grocery shopping with mom when we were little on Saturdays at Vons. I don't know why I always went with her but someone had to be there to help push one of the 2 carts she would always fill up. I remember I would always tell her that if there was an earthquake I wanted to be on the toilet paper aisle. She would laugh at that. Then she would usually let me pick out a treat or special cereal I wanted for the week.

Rachel Ann said...

I also remember going to to the grocery store with mom... but Marianne and I were much older. We would follow behind her and make car noises. I think we really embarrassed her. It was awesome. (She was down to only one cart at that point... it was only marianne and I left.)

Rachel Ann said...

I also remember the time mom was asking dad what he wanted for lunch or something and she said, "Do you want weins and beaners." We thought that was pretty funny. haha... how about how she used to bribe me to make my bed. She told me if I made my bed she would put a candy bar on it while I was at school. It was always something good too. I don't know why I didn't make it more often. :)